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New Age Challenges to the Christian Faith

August 5, 2011

By Dr. Robert Morey

Present-day popular psychology and self-help movements often try to corrupt the message of Christianity. In a world where virtually nothing we do is considered immoral, the commandments of God seem judgmental, harsh, and unkind. So many people today prefer to hear that what they do is perfectly acceptable behavior. They reject the words, “Thou shalt not…”

In apostate churches, “feel-good” sermons flourish. “I’m OK and you’re OK” is the standard. Rather than demanding the most from ourselves and each other, new age idealism enables people to expect forgiveness without true repentance.

God asked Christians to minister to those in crisis. Churches that rely on new age methods often refer people to secular counselors and psychologists. Even those who try to combine traditional psychology with Christian beliefs tend to be indoctrinated in the victim mentality so common to the profession. They define sin as a product of poor self-image, dysfunctional families, or chance-driven events. In other words, we are not guilty for our evil actions.

“Accountability to a higher power” is one of the key elements of Christianity: we are accountable for our actions. Thus, Christians should repent of their sins and strive to overcome temptation. The most valuable counseling available to us can be found between the covers of the Bible. God has given us very clear direction and guidance, as well as comfort and hope.

About the Author: Robert Morey, Ph.D., is Executive Director of Faith Defenders, an evangelical “think tank” that gives sound biblical answers to the questions and issues of modern society.