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The End of the World According to Jesus

November 29, 2010

Dr. Robert Morey’s new book, The End of the World According to Jesus, is an answer to modern superstitions about the end of time as told by the Mayans, Hindus, and other belief systems. Alarmed by the lack of Christian opinion, Robert Morey endeavors to explain the end of the world as it is laid out in the Bible. From its first verse to its last, the Bible states that Earth had a clear beginning and will have a clear end. God has already determined the path along which the world is traveling and all that has or will come to pass is predetermined by His will. During the apocalypse, according to the Christian faith, the dead will rise and stand before the Messiah to receive their judgment. At this time, He will declare man’s destiny, creating a new Heaven and new Earth for the elect while the others suffer eternally in Hell. In the book, Robert Morey deals primarily with two prophetic Biblical passages that have often been misunderstood, as well as the reports of Matthew, Luke, and Mark. Approaching the passages from the traditional Jewish Apocalyptic hermeneutic, he clearly and succinctly explains their meaning through a historic lens, rendering them more accessible than ever before. Robert Morey offers a new edition of the Book of Revelation that is not divided according to chapters or verses, presenting it to the reader in the way that a first-century Christian would have read it. In this way, he avoids the Western European cultural framework that has been imposed upon the Bible.