Robert Morey’s Blog

September 9, 2010

A consummate religious leader and scholar, Robert Morey has completed advanced studies on a wide range of Christian and Islamic topics. Based on his studies and over 35 years of experience as an evangelical pastor, Robert Morey founded the Research and Education Foundation (Faith Defenders) in 1982. Robert Morey has received many endorsements from top Christian theologians and preachers, and he has given talks at institutions in over 30 countries. Additionally, Robert Morey is a prolific author and has published over 55 books.

Robert Morey’s education includes courses of study in philosophy, theology, apologetics, and Islam. Robert Morey holds degrees from Covenant College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Louisiana Baptist University. Additionally, Robert Morey has studied at L’Abri Fellowship International sites in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Faith Theological Seminary in 1996.

Robert Morey has appeared on hundreds of Christian television and radio shows, including Coral Ridge Ministry, Bible AnswerMan, TBN, Moody Radio, and the John Ankerberg Show. Robert Morey also hosted his own radio show, Bob Morey Live!, which was a nationwide talk show in prime time. “He has always been as bold as a lion in defending the faith, yet gentle as a lamb with wounded saints.”

Among Robert Morey’s many publications is When is it Right to Fight?, a refutation of pacifism based on Biblical evidence. Robert Morey also wrote books on the New Atheism, Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?, and many other classic books of interest to Evangelical Christian audiences. In Robert Morey’s Horoscopes and the Christian/Reincarnation and Christianity, he examines whether or not Christians should read horoscopes for entertainment and offers a Biblical discussion of reincarnation.

In addition to over 55 books, Robert Morey has produced hundreds of tapes, tracts, CDs, DVDs, and digital downloads. These series expand upon topics in his books, and they also provide practical advice for leading a Christian life. Robert Morey’s publications can be ordered through the Faith Defenders website,


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